Repair & Warranty Management

Repair Quote Management

Repair Quote Management improves Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul ("MRO") activities efficiency by reducing the customer's administrative process. This is achieved through the consolidation of supplier quotes and supporting documentation, applying customer defined criteria in line with the cost control procedures, including warranty review and contract compliance checks.

Warranty Optimisation

Warranty Optimisation includes potential warranty claims detection via the analysis of previous repair history, purchase history and contracted warranty extensions. We provide support in the review and challenge of denied warranty claims, rogue unit management, potential logistics credits such as freight cost reclaim and removal and reinstallation entitlements.

Contract Enforcement

Contract Enforcement presumes monitoring supplier performance, ensuring that contractual terms are adhered to, including but not limited to cost/warranty. As a result, we are able to notify customer of any breach, respective entitlements and provide data for the customer to make the claim.

图片23.jpgRepair Works & Overhaul Period Renewal
For repair works and overhaul-period renewal according to service bulletins, directives and manufacturer recommendations we repair and check technical condition of the following components:
● engine
● auxiliary power unit
● main gearbox
● main rotor blades
● tail rotor blades

Complex procedures of helicopters' and their components' repair and overhaul-period renewal are conducted with the participation of manufacturers' representatives.