Pilot Training

For select aircraft, we offer Pilot Training opportunities. DIFO Group is partnered with a few highly competitive Helicopter Training and Simulation centers.  Each simulation center experience is tailored to that customer's requirements and competed among qualified suppliers to ensure best value. Each helicopter simulator is configured to provide pilots and flight engineers with an authentic in-cockpit experience.

Below are the details of the specific helicopter simulator training program:


● Completely authentic flight deck exterior and interior from actual aircraft
● Switchgear, avionics suite and controls that are modified versions of the originals and exactly replicate the tactile feel of the actual flight deck
● Comprehensive instructor interface and mission analysis software
● 120+ possible instructor initiated equipment failure and other emergency scenarios
● Immersive, high resolution 3D terrain projection
● State of the art audio system reproducing ambient noise, flight deck communications and audible warning systems
● Terrain mapping can be prepared to client specifications

Crew & Maintenance Training

DIFO Group offers helicopter crew training and maintenance training that provide teaching modules with classroom mock-ups, models and working elements of the following helicopter sub systems:

● Fuel system
● Hydraulics
● Fire suppression
● De-icing
● Pneumatic systems/ landing gear
● Heating and ventilation
● Control systems
● Transmission
● Key structural components such as airframe, engine, main gearbox and landing gear